Real Time Inventory

We are proud to introduce our new website to you! We have now implemented technology that tracks our inventory and are able to show you what we have in stock in our warehouse!

Inventory is now managed in real-time. With this technology we aim to ship exactly what you ordered and provide our buyers with technology to re-order and manage inventory unlike any other hockey internet retailer.  Unlike any other online hockey retailer, we have ALL our in stock inventory ready to ship within 24 hours of you order it.  

This new system utilizes automatic identification and data capture technology to efficiently monitor the flow of products. The database can then provide useful reports about the status of goods in the warehouse. The look of the new website will continue to be upgraded based on your feedback.

** Please note there are times when the inventory might be off due to human error or a bulk order that came in for pick up and it has not been removed from our online inventory and we apologize for this in advance should it happen. We make every effort to try to keep as up to date as possible with inventory. If this happens a full refund will be applied to your method of payment. **